Increased Comfort by adding a 5 layer PU insock to riding boots, riders can benefit from extra cushioning and comfort while riding. This is because the insock provides additional cushioning and support, which helps reduce pressure points and minimize fatigue. 

Improved Foot Stability: Riders can also benefit from improved foot stability when wearing riding boots with a 5 layer PU insock. The PU insock helps to increase the level of support and control the foot is receiving from the boot. This helps reduce the chance of slipping or having the foot slide in the boot, which can be both dangerous and uncomfortable.

Increased Durability: Because of the added layer of PU insock, riders can also experience increased durability in their riding boots. The additional layer of cushioning and support helps protect the foot and prevent the leather upper from becoming worn down. This increases the lifespan of the boots, meaning riders can get more wear out of them.

American Cow Leather

American cow leather is widely considered one of the highest quality leathers for use in shoes. It is renowned for its strength and durability, making it ideal for enduring everyday wear and tear. The soft feel of the material provides ultimate comfort, while its natural breathability makes it perfect for warm weather. The leather wears in with time, growing softer and more supple with each wear, for a truly personalized fit. American cow leather comes in a variety of colors and finishes, meaning it can easily be tailored to any style or aesthetic. As a result, it has become an immensely popular choice for boots among professionals riders, casual riders, and fashion aficionados alike.

BCI Cotton

BCI cotton is a specialized type of cotton that has been grown and harvested according to strict guidelines to ensure it meets certain sustainability and ethical standards. BCI stands for Better Cotton Initiative, which was created to promote the responsible production of cotton and reduce its environmental impact. It requires farmers to adopt practices that are more efficient, minimize waste and reduce the use of hazardous inputs. This includes practices such as integrated pest management, controlled irrigation and soil conservation. In addition, BCI encourages farmers to improve working conditions in their fields, and promote gender equity among their workers. As a result, BCI cotton is a more eco-friendly and socially responsible choice than conventional cotton.


BRO-TEX Waterproof membranes is extremely thin material placed between the outer leather of a boot and its inner lining. They are designed to keep moisture out by blocking the internal passage of water molecules and other small organisms. Allowing perspiration to evaporate but not enter into the boot.

Calf Leather Lining

Calf leather is known for its luxurious look and superior quality, making it ideal for use in the production of shoes. Its unique properties make it suitable for a range of footwear types, from formal dress shoes to casual sneakers. Calf leather provides a combination of strength and flexibility, allowing shoes to conform to the shape of their wearer's foot and mold to their feet over time. This also helps keep feet comfortable and prevents blisters and chafing. In addition, calf leather is able to maintain its form and resist wear even after extended use. It is also highly breathable, which helps keep feet dry and cool even in hot weather. Its durability also means that shoes made with calf leather usually last longer than those made with other materials. In short, calf leather offers superior comfort, breathability, and longevity, making it an ideal choice for all types of shoes.

Eco material

1. Recycled and Organic Cotton are sustainable alternatives to synthetic options. 

2. Natural rubber is a renewable resource and is a great option for those looking for a natural, ethical alternative..

3. Jute is a plant fiber a renewable resource and is an eco-friendly option for production.

4. Vegan leather is water and plant based alternative for boots. Excellent option for those who want to avoid contributing to the animal rights industry.

5. Cardboard and paper used in packaging are both recyclable and compostable. Using these materials helps to reduce waste and keep them from ending up in landfills.

Memory foam Insole

Memory foam insoles are incredibly comfortable, and they provide extra cushioning and support for your feet while riding. They are designed to fit inside your boots, and they will contour to the shape of your feet, providing superior comfort and stability. Memory foam insoles also help to reduce fatigue and pressure associated with long rides. Additionally, they can help to reduce shock when riding on hard surfaces.


Breathability is One of the main benefits of moisture and sweat absorbing mesh lining in horse riding boots, it provides excellent breathability. This helps to keep your feet cool and dry throughout your ride, especially during hot summer months.

Padded Mesh lining adds a layer of cushioning and comfort to your boots. This helps to reduce aches and fatigue while riding and can improve your overall performance.

The mesh lining helps to protect against rubbing and chafing, as well as ensuring that your feet stay free of dirt and debris.

Organic Sole

Organic jute insoles provide an even weight distribution throughout the foot to reduce pressure on the ball of the foot, which can alleviate fatigue and discomfort after a long ride. 

It adds stability which helps to keep the wearer's foot in place while riding, helping to prevent slipping, as well as improving balance and coordination. 

The jute fibers of organic jute insoles allow air to circulate around the foot, keeping it cool even in the heat of the summer months making it Breathable.

Natural rubber Sole

Natural rubber soles for riding boots provide grip, traction, and support in the stirrups. The softness of the rubber sole helps with cushioning and shock absorption for better comfort when riding for long periods of time. Natural rubber soles also help reduce sliding in the stirrups and help the rider stay secure. Additionally, the rubber material helps protect the rider’s feet from the cold ground. The rubber sole is also easier to replace than leather soles, making it an ideal option for riders who want a long-lasting, reliable riding boot.

Real sheep Fur

Real sheep fur lining in boots is incredibly comfortable, offering a soft and cushiony feel that helps keep feet warm and cozy. 

Sheep fur is a lightweight yet durable material, providing excellent insulation and comfort for many years. Sheep fur is naturally breathable, helping regulate the temperature inside the boot to ensure your feet stay cool and dry.

Steel Toe

Steel toe in riding stable boots is a type of boot that has steel reinforcement around the toes of the boot. The steel offers protection to the foot, making it less likely to be injured in the event of an accident, kick, or other trauma. They are often worn in riding stables, where there is a greater risk of weight and motion-related accidents. 

Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is more sustainable than traditional leather it is typically water and plant based while traditional leather is made from animal hide. Plant-based materials are more sustainable and do not require the same amount of resources to produce. It is cruelty-free, Vegan leather does not require the use of animal skin or any animal byproducts, making it an excellent option for those who want to avoid contributing to the animal rights industry.

Waterproof Leather

Waterproof leather is a great choice for both work and stable boots, as it is more durable and resilient than other types of leather. Waterproof leather offers additional protection from water, dirt, and other elements while still being soft and supple. Additionally, waterproof leather often has additional treatments to help keep the material supple and prevent cracking or drying out. A quality pair of leather boots made with waterproof leather will last longer and provide superior protection in wet and muddy working environments.